Premium Gutters

If you’re renovating a beautiful home or building for luxury with lasting value, you owe it to yourself to consider a premium product. Our premium line of eaves and gutters provide a stunning finishing touch and the highest quality of functionality. Complete the look with vinyl, aluminum, or wood soffit.

Copper Rain Gutters

Copper is the most durable of all gutter materials, and many would argue that it is also the most attractive. Over time, the colour changes from the high-shine of a new penny to a deep brown, which then begins to show specks of blues, deepening to streaks of aquamarine – absolutely beautiful!

Copper gutters are an investment that pay off in more than visual appeal though. Benefits include:

  • The ultimate in durability – up to 100 years of functionality
  • Withstand extreme climates – hot, cold, and highly variable environments
  • Will not rust or rot
  • Require minimal maintenance – clean out leaves and debris, that’s it 
  • Very rarely dent or droop

Best of all, when you consider the value, copper gutters are more affordable than you may think. Please call us for a free cost estimate for your next project.

Zinc Gutters

Zinc gutter production is the most environmentally friendly manufacturing process of any gutter materials. Zinc gutters are also considered the most luxurious choice. Benefits include:

  • High durability – much stronger than aluminium 
  • Development of a protective zinc carbonate layer over time
  • Naturally UV and rust resistant
  • Develops a gorgeous blueish-grey patina

Lindab Rainline Gutters

Lindab products are known for their high quality, ease of assembly, and consideration for the environment. The Lindab line of gutters feature aesthetic appeal and superior functionality.

A Range of Colours

Lindab’s Rainwater system is available in 9 distinct colours in 5″ (125mm) gutters and 4 colors in 6″ (150mm) gutters. Mixing and matching these is easy. Either discreetly complementing the overall colour scheme of the house, commercial or industrial building, or boldly creating accents of colour.

Why not choose dark red drainpipes for a white stucco facade? Or mount exclusive copper metallic pipes on a grey stonewall? Or why not mix tile red gutters with antique white pipes to match the respective colours of roof and woodwork?

Any facelift is possible. The choice is yours.

  • Antique white 5″
  • Black 5″ & 6″
  • Silver Metallic 5″ & 6″
  • Anthracite Metallic 5″ & 6″
  • Dark Grey 5″
  • Bronze (Coffee Brown) 5″ & 6″
  • Brown 5″
  • Dark Red 5″
  • Copper Metallic 5″


  • 23 gauge steel construction
  • Twice the lifespan of aluminum systems
  • Installation technique protects fascia from trapping moisture and forming rot
  • No staining
  • Formed corners ensure they will never leak as there is no seam at the expansion point
  • Concealed gaskets create perfect seals with no ultraviolet degradation

Visual Appeal:

  • Clean, elegant, seamless appearance
  • Materials are all galvanized, primed and painted on both sides before components are formed
  • All components are made from the same materials in the same factory
  • Beautiful metallic and matt finishes

Superior Functionality:

  • Greatly reduced cleaning frequency and expense
  • Round bottomed gutters flow more efficiently to clear water and debris quickly
  • Smooth shaped pipe components eliminate trapping debris on crimped edges inside the pipes
  • Modular design allows replacement of small sections without disturbing the rest of the system
  • Easy full access to clean inside gutters when needed
  • Never any costly leaking seams to repair

T-Rex Continuous Hanger System

We are pleased to offer the highly recommended T-Rex Continuous Hanger System which can be installed with any of the gutter options above. The T-Rex System combines a leaf and debris solution with superior gutter fastening. Benefits include:

  • Your gutters are reinforced with exceptional strength from end to end, with no weak points.
  • Gutters will not slip or unfasten from the weight of a ladder or human force. (In fact, it is strong enough to hold the weight of three people!)
  • Snow and ice are kept out of your eavestroughs, eliminating the risk of warping due to freezing and thawing.
  • Leaves and debris remain on top of the debris and ice guard, preventing clogging.
  • The T-Rex System comes with a lifetime manufacture and sturdiness warranty in addition to a 40-year clog-free warranty.